Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spider-Man and Princesses

" I've seen "ider mon" already 2 times.-David ( in a Korean Accent)
"Yeah well I've seen Spider man thirty-one and eight times"- Tomas ( we are clearly still learning our numbers and have only made it to 20...)
" My favorite es capitana americana".(  Bi-Spanish much?) :)

OH I love the little conversations I get to catch throughout the day. Conversations that I will never hear 3 or 4 of my little girls talking about, and vice versa. How different Boys and Girls truly are right?! For me, its been somewhat eye opening. I thought I would compile a list of those differences that by age 5 are the same at age 25/35/45 and are usually things that I have heard can be frustrating in relationships. Whether its a guy wanting to watch a football game instead of a romance movie, or wanting to play with cars or tools in his garage instead of decorating the house, to wanting to do things himself when your wanting to ask whoever and however many people that you know to help ( because of course that makes more sense and would get things finished sooner :))  God has truly made us different creatures, and here are some I have observed so far! Hope you enjoy! :)

Boys: Only want to color pictures of Superhero's ( Spider Man BY FAR being the favorite) and if it isn't a super hero, its a dog or big scary animals.
Girls: Only want to color pictures of castles, princesses, kittens, flowers, and rainbows
Boys: Dodge my hugs but pick me endless amounts of flowers
Girls: Pick flowers to keep, but want to hug me throughout the day
Boys: Take their school work seriously in a competition type way
Girls: Want to offer help to whoever they think needs it ( often times when they are not suppose to look at each others papers, but proceed to any ways!)- this made the Assessment Tests we took this week... really interesting!
Boys: Want to play ball with the older boys on the playground, and truly believe they can keep up :)
Girls: Fight and hover over the swing the entire time not giving a care to the loud ball game going on feet away from the swing set.
Boys: Flex in the bathroom mirror and try jumping the farthest off the bench as possible
Girls: Smile and giggle into the mirror, and use the bench for twirling
( I might add these are all things I've caught them doing while they were "going to the bathroom")
Boys: Always want to be. First. or the Fastest
Girls: Hold hands and walk together and doing things constantly pared with a buddy or in a group.
While playing with the Little People toys in "Play center"
Boys: Always go for the big cars and trucks and make car sounds and rail road tracks out of anything they can find.
Girls: Always find the princesses and Prince and the big mini van. While the boys are creating rail road tracks and battle grounds, the girls are rearranging the insides of the doll houses.
 Boys: Play in the dirt on the playground and always have to be asked to clean up.
Girls: Play with the dirt/sand on the playground and usually volunteer to go wash up in the bathroom after recess before being asked.
( And there is a huge difference here folks!!)
Boys: Tell me that i'm pretty
Girls: Ask me why I am not married
Boys: Stick with the same thing for MAYBE 10 minutes and are bored and ready to conquer something different
Girls: Could do the same activity the entire afternoon -perfecting or changing it up, the entire afternoon.
Boys: Make guns out of construction paper and find enjoyment in saying " Tia Candace I got you!"
Girls: Make jewlry out of construction paper and always want my affirmation and praise " Aw, what a pretty looks real!" :) haha
Good example. Boys huddled together over in the corner, and girls playing with the Princess Carriage and the castle. :)

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