Sunday, June 10, 2012

Semana 17!!

The Wrong Word:
 So anyone who has tried learning a new language and has been in that stage where numerous words sound alike and you often waffle between which word to try and use. I mean, words that you know or DON'T know that have completely opposite meanings but sound exactly alike. Well I found myself in this position on Thursday and it lent itself to quite a memorable/very funny moment that I'm sure I will hold on to for "story time's" down the road. :) The two words were Caca/Queque, they sound more alike than they look...say it out loud!!
The story began with a birthday party for one of our little girls and the beautiful VERY yummy looking cake her mother brought. The school has a cleaning lady who is the most hard working precious, Christian woman you will ever meet, and I often try to converse with her as often as I can. I offered her some of the Cake in passing...and of course she said she would love some..I mean who wouldn't want a piece of a white/pink beautiful Barbie cake? Well, it ended up tasting exactly like it looked. A little on the Synthetic side and VERY Pink mixed with the bubble gum toothpaste I always loved when I was 5.
Knowing how it tasted, I wanted to worn Tia Clara about its taste, so first chance I got to do so, I did. I was walking with the little ones out to the playground and passed by her and my co teacher who were in ear shot, and the moment came. But which word to use, Caca or QueQue?! I opened my uncertain mouth and yelled " Tia Clara, Loseiento la Caca es no bien!" Her face literally froze and she and my co teacher just looked at me like I had suddenly grown 2 heads and for what felt like a minute we just stood there looking at each other. My heart dropped to my toes. What had I just yelled across the field? Until suddenly they looked at each other and both said " Tu mean Queque, cake?" As soon as I said " Si, Si!" they started laughing and giving me that smile that says " Oh you poor American, you don't know what your saying!" After they had composed themselves they must of seen I was still confused as to what I had just said, and so they both spoke up and said " You said Caca which means Poop, So you said "I'm sorry my poop is no good". The poor cleaning lady had thought I was warning her of what she was going to find in the bathroom!!! haha. Oh dear. :) I am thankful for their grace and patience with me, and the ability to always laugh when I mistake words like "Cake for Poop".

The Coat's on Fire: 
Have you ever had a gas stove/heater?! If so you know how they work.  One little heater can project enough heat to fill up an entire room. In a country where there is no central heat in homes/buildings/schools...the Winter season can be a wee bit cold. Its a cold that seeps through your bones, and often doesn't fully get thawed out...unless you are blessed enough to have the heater/stove on for a few minutes (electricity is really expensive), or your driving in a car that has working ( emphasis on working) heat. - Iago is being a bit temperamental these days in the heat department. :)
I've become very thankful for the early morning's in my classroom because of the nice little gas heater attached to the wall we are allowed to turn on ( for just a little while)...and knowing the children are also in a warm environment makes me happy.
Now I am sure you are already thinking " Why would they have a gas heater in arms reach in a 5 year olds classroom. Well, the answer is simple. Something like a gas heater in the States would make many parents concerned because they are different, thus often making it more of an attraction to little ones, and more appealing. In Chile, and more specifically in the childrens homes that attend this school, gas heaters are old news, common and not ever an attraction to the children. They are trained from an early age to steer clear of them, and surprisingly always do. However Tuesday, the problem of, the clothing touching the heater, and the child not being aware they were smoking presented itself!!
 Four or five of the children were sitting/standing around the table that is directly beside the heater, and observing a picture one of the students was coloring. No one was touching the heater, but I noticed a consistent puff of smoke rising behind the child who was closest to it. I ran over with adrenaline that parents reference having when their child is in trouble, and picked him up. After I picked him up ( and ensured he wasn't on fire) I just rubbed his back and kept asking him if he was ok, as he just looked at me like "why are you holding and hugging me?". As I was rubbing his back  I felt a texture much like cotton,and immediately knew what had happened. However the extent I was not prepared for! As I turned him around, the gaping hole greeted me and a wave of terror filled my heart! How thankful I am for the Lord's protection in the situation of little Aaron, his poofy nylon coat and the floor length heater.

The Time PorFavor?!
We are beginning to learn how to read a clock...and it is amazing to see how quickly the children are picking it up! I continue to be amazed at these little minds as they truly pick something up so quickly.

We did Assessment testing and they all did wonderful....AND, we found out after the fact that the Level of testing we gave them was the 1st Semester Kindergarten test! So they did over and beyond their grade level!  They got a lot of "treats" from their proud teacher. :)

The Animal Cage and The Clock:

As we are learning about Animals I wanted to do an activity that allowed them pick out various animals that they believed belonged in a Cage or ones that are Pets. It was so fun to watch what animals they went with!

The Moose from Ice Age was my favorite! We also had "Horton hears a Who" elephant in one cage!

My father visited the BBN headquarters that Pastor heard my father on.
The Encredible Connection: All day today I have been excited. Why?! Because My pastor here in Chile was attending Colonial and eating with my family!! How you might ask?! Well the only answer I can give you is...the Lord.
When I first started attending the church the Pastor mentioned to me he listened to my father on BBN and really enjoyed his preaching. Little did I know that I would be able to connect him with my Father while Pastor was visiting church's in the states! The Lord truly works in Miraculous ways. I am sure as Pastor Ramon listened to this Preacher in the states..he never imagined he would pastor his daughter, and eat lunch with the preacher!
On top of that connection that I thought was sweet of the lord to make, my Pastor's son-in-law ( who was a missionary teacher at the church, where he met and married the patsors daughter) was mentored by Dave Burgraff!!!

This past week was wonderful, and I continue to want to thank you all for praying for me a I am here. It continues to amaze me the comfort the Lord has given me here in Santiago, and the people I continue to meet that confirm why I am here.

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