Thursday, May 3, 2012

Un Nueva Semana

Our School Director getting a few pies.....He was a good sport!

Clearly the kids were loving seeing some of their teachers getting slammed in the faces with whipped cream and ketchup pies! Hey, I would of loved it too back then...and might of loved it now as well... I think it brought in close to $80!

Cute Caleb! He and his brother were adopted by a missionary couple here in Chile. Such a sweet boy and I'll be getting his younger brother next semester!

The English teacher tiffany being a trooper and getting the ketchup/Mustard pie's. I have to give her praise for that....because that smell....I am hoping she was able to get it off of her because it was, ill just say strong.

Representing My Alma Mater.

My sweet boys Juan Jose( John Joseph) Tomas, Aaron

Who knew these could be used at storage containers!? These are my Play dough buckets!! Kentucky Fried chicken popular in Chile?! Again, Who knew?!

I must say It wasn't as much of a beating as the pie toss in highschool was.  Oh and why not wear a shower cap?! My 5 year olds didn't want to get my hair anyways, they were quite happy with just the face ( and shirt)

Some of the teachers who volunteered to be recipients of the pies!!

She is such a sweet, hilarious friend. I'm thankful for the bible study we are in together and how it has given a high school and elementary teacher ( from opposite buildings and worlds) the opportunity to get to know each other!

"Self Portraits"  hehe

Our Circle time. We usually read at least 1 book, review Letters and their sounds, Colors, and last but not least we SING. And boy do they love to sing. Here they are doing "Do your ears hang low". We have so much fun! And singing is a great way for them to get familiar with English words, and I have seen it help a lot already! The little light of Mine is a favorite too!

And of course we are continuing to keep tradition- Exploration night every Friday. And what a good time we always do find -whether we are getting lost in a car, taking the wrong metro, walking around for hours trying to decide which place to eat, or just sitting at Starbucks and chatting, it is always an encouraging time! I am so excited to go to Argentina for school break in July with her and the other missionary lady i've mentioned,Sharon! What fun times i'm sure I will have to tell you guys about. for the most oulandish, random things do seem to follow us 3 around! :)


My sweet the sweetest hugs and kisses!

This Friday will mark the beginning of Friday evening rehearsals with the worship team at the church I'll be calling home while I am here, and I am so excited. First of all, this last 2 1/2 months of not having an outlet to use my gift has been very tough and at times painful. It made me realize how much of a blessing it is to have an outlet to use what I know the Lord gave me to use for His glory. So during the time of waiting -for the right church, and the right opportunity- I found comfort in the Lord's peace that passes all understanding, serving to remind me that His timing is always better than my own. The opportunity came when, believe it or not, i wasn't even looking for it. It started with a conversation just like any other goes on a Sunday afternoon right after church has let out, with a few friends who lead the worship team. It ended with them informing me they had found me on Youtube, after hearing from ( someone, not myself...I am still not sure who?) that I sing, wanted me to join their worship team and to join it immediately! I'd appreciate prayers for my comprehension of the lyrics and accuracy in my delivery of the words as I sing, as they will all be in Spanish. But man, how the lord works in mysterious ways, and usually right after a time of waiting...continues to amaze me.

 These are two of the neighbors/ great friends of mine, who I have also been asking you to pray for! We are coming home from the Young Peoples Bible study that we have been attending for a month now, and they both love the church! The one of the left Cody got saved!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!

Thoughts from the week

Be willing to let your hair down, whether its through doing something crazy like getting a pie thrown in your face, or something less dramatic. Life has such sweet, refreshing joys...that sometimes can't be found in the regular, methodical motions of the day. Don't be afraid to do something different.
Don't throw away KFC buckets. Give em a good wash, and you just acquired a nice storage unit for free!
Tell your moms every day starting someday this week up until Mothers day, something you are thankful for about her. Make it a little bigger than 1 day.

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