Saturday, June 30, 2012

2 Part blog for this past week!

Part 1 will be sharing pictures of what my children did while I was away. As they do say, while the teachers away the children will play! :)
I am so thankful that my sweet friend and co teacher uploaded pictures of their adventures to the Museum, and I thoroughly enjoyed looking at them and seeing how excited I knew they would be, and were!
 I will say, I was pretty sad that I couldn't go with them, mainly because our original time and date had been cancelled due to Protesting. Ah to live in a big city means...rearranging ones scheduled to avoid the (potentially dangerous) but mainly just annoying protests.
Im just happy my little ones were able to still make it there before the year was over, because I knew they had earned a fun day out, and that they would LOVE the big trains. I mean, that IS just about all my boys create in blocks Big train tracks.
As I looked through the pictures, i don't know if it is because I was away from them, or because I had time in my 10 hour layover to look through allllll my pictures, but they have grown up. In front of my eyes. They are happy. They are becoming confident little people, and they are moving on the Kindergarten in 2 weeks. How has time flown so quickly?!
 Having the privilege to be their teacher for their last semester has been a gift from God. They are such a dynamic little bunch, and every " Tia Candace, I am going to miss you" or the " I love you" is starting to get to me. I found that even while I was with 2 of my favorite people in the world ( my parents), and IN America enjoying good food and English, I thought of Room 3 often,( and slightly worried as well)l for the sub! I was told that she said she preferred the older ages and did not know how I did it...the first day in! Funny isn't it how the Lord equips us for our calling...because I couldn't imagine how high school teachers do it. Dealing with attitudes all day long. Nope I could nottttt it! At least my kids attitudes are age appropriate. :) Being in charge of helping the high schools learn a song to sing at the Easter Performance in April reminded me of that!

Here are some of the pictures of their day at the train Museum!!

So thankful I get another semesster with entertaining Bi. ( guess which one Bi is? :))

Santiago Christian Elementary school!

Toot TooT!

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