Monday, June 25, 2012

The Parent Meetings: Well I must say, this past week marked the end of my Parent/Teacher meetings, and I am so glad. It is never easy to have to make the decision that one of your little ones isn't advanced enough to move up to Kindergarten, and another year in Pre-K is what is truly best for the child in the long run. It isn't so much difficult because you think it will hurt the child, no, you know they will be just as happy with another year of playing and learning,  as well as taking their hour long nap. :) Its because you never know how the parents are going to respond. Maybe its because of my tendency to be a people please and not liking any type of conflict head on, but the Lord truly has taken me out of my comfort zone numerous ways since landing here, and these meetings were just one more tool He used. I was thankful to have the achievement test scores on hand to show the parents, but they were still not happy campers. It makes me think back to when my parents chose to put me into kindergarten later, thus making me always older than my peers, but more prepared because of it,  and never once feeling ashamed for being older, as I would be ashamed had I failed a grade. Im thankful for them making that decision. I just find it fasinating that a parent would want their child to move to kindergarten so " They can stay with their friends, Their siblings will make fun of them ect" instead of truly taking an honest look at their child's behavior macherity as well as their acedemic standing, and seeing what would be best for them. Call me crazy but, if my child has to be held back in pre-k, I would feel a lot better about that then having them held back when they are one year older, more aware of what is going on..and then imagin what their siblings and friends would say!  At 5 years old, words don't affect them the way they will when they are 1 or 2 years older.
Well anywho, what does my opinion matter right?! :) Im just thankful the meetings are over! Praise the Lord!

The Priviledge to Sing

The Junior class came to me months ago and asked if I would sing at the Jr/Sr Banquet...and I said Of course, I'd love to! :) My friend Angelo  who is an encredible musician, agreed to come along and help meout! What a fun time we had! I ended up learning the chorus to " I could sing of your love forever" in spanish, which is something I am trying to do more and more of.  I chose to sing a Christian chorus because I felt that it would be a great opportunity to bring everyones focus for 3 minutes back to the Lord and His faithfulness, as I knew my song would be the only Christian song chosen to be played or sung the entire evening. I felt the need to sing a song that would remind the students that the Lord's love for us is greater than any earthly love or thing we will ever find, and the Lord just kinda put the song on my heart, and we ran with it!

Presious Gift: How surprised I was when one of the Senior students who I got to know on the Pucon trip, as part of his going away speech to the class during the Banquet, called me up to the front. Each student had the opportunity to give items of theirs as keepsakes to their friends, and only 2 gave something to professors. His gift to me was a shirt that he had been his, that He said reminded Him of me, and in turn wanted it to remind me of him! It said " Where there is love, there is God." ChongBin and his twin Sister are two kids I will never forget, and am so thankful I came in time to get to know them, before they headed  back home to Korea. They will be on my heart continually as I know I will never see them again on earth, but I hope to see them both in Heaven. How thankful I am to the Lord for His perfect timing in when He chose to bring me here!

The Protection of the Lord: On saturday the Lord proceeded to protect me, one situation after another! The first situation started like many other saturday's, as I picked up my car from the school, and was heading to the nearest gas station before heading off to my Pastor's house to hang out before Bible study. When I had turned onto the side road that was about 20 yards away,
I heard a big SNAP and puffs of smoke began rising from my front hood. I was able to ( protection #1) pull my car over immedietly and get out. The second blessing was having my cell phone on me, and being able to call a missionary who is very good with vehicles, and who had already assisted me before with various issues I had had with the car. ( Blessings # 2) He and his wife go to my church and were heading over there in half an hour anyways, and so they told me to go inside the gas station, and wait for them. When they got there, he was able to get the car to the school where it will safely stay...for the rest of its life ( or my life here!) Bless Iago's heart, but his days with me are done. What a protection of the Lord in that whole situation to not only keep me safe in the car, but as I waited alone, and then to have a ride to church! :)
The second situation was in the Metro, my new home away from home. After Bible study we all where going different directions on the metro, and I ended up going on the same one as my friend Jose. As we were riding I noticed a guy maybe 25 years old, staring at me and seemingly inching closer and closer to where we were standing. I usually try to just ignore things like that and pay it no mind, until as in this situation, they talk to me ( and in Completely English). He overheard me asking my friend which stop to take to get to my metro station, and proceeded to speakk up and say " Im going to Quilin Stop also, you could come with me." YIKES! Yea Red flags where popping outta Jose and my ears. It reminded me of Taken because for those who have seen it, the guy was young, clean cut, goodlooking and spoke my language ( though he was chilean). So scary. Thank the Lord for my sweet friend Jose who decided to go 20 minutes ( possibly more) out of his way, to go WITH me to my metro stop, so that I would not be alone with that guy. The Lord continually speaks peace to my heart by showing himself faithful over and over and over again, in His hand of protection over things I see, and things I know I do not see.

The Packed out Restraunt- Ever imagined what watching a Soccer game in South America in a Packed out restraunt would be like?! Well I had, and it lived up to its expetations! Insanity!!! haha, but a cool memory for sure. I must say, our NFL fans have nothing on their Futbol fans. Nothiiiing.

Packing!!! It is time for me to go Pack because I will be heading on an airplace back to PA in less than 6 hours!! I cannot wait to see my wonderful parents, eat chick-fil-a, drink sweet tea, and buy some much needed cosmetics! :)
Thank you all for your prayers, As i listed in this blog, the Lord is honoring every last one of them!!

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