Monday, October 1, 2012

I am reminded I am not a Chilean.....

1. When I play soccer for 1/2 of the time the other young people do, AND YET...Still am awakened 2 nights in a row by the intense pain.....that was triggered by my merely rolling over!

2. When I am the only person who I have ever heard say " Man, I am so tired" at the end of a long day of Church where I know my friends were up even earlier than me, and will stay up way past the time I will gladly hit the sack! I mean truly, I cannot remember ONE TIME in 8 months I have heard ANY Chilean friend of mine utter those words...or yawn. "Do Chileans yawn?!" Is the big question...

3. When I am the only one who turns red every time I see couples EVERYWHERE who are  EXTREMELY ...shall I say...affectionate...passionate?! If you have ever said " Get a room" in the would be telling those people who you thought needed a room "thank you" for at least leaving SOME the room. Trust me! The other day a friend and fellow teacher, took a picture to PROVE just how much their "needing a room" is on a wholeeeee nother level! They are unashamedly everywhere too, right beside you on the metro, in front of you in line at the store, up in trees, eating, walking, driving, riding a bike,a scooter, and roller blades too ( Ok no bike and roller blades...that i've seen!) :)

4. When you realize its not the sanitation of how a food is cooked but rather, the outcome. If the chicken looks good, they eat it. Who cares that it was grilled over a grocery cart. = Things I never knew existed.

5. When I can not keep up with women twice my age at the Zumba exercise class. Really!? :) = Rhythm Deficiency

6.When My friends refuse to let me take the metro alone at night, and will go 20 minutes out of their way to ensure I arrive at my metro stop safely.

7. When I get a laugh and hear, " Candace, You look like a Gringo". ( Gringo= Foreigner) whenever I begin to think,because I feel more comfortable, I will look less conspicuous. " What if I die my hair really dark???" Nope, that didn't work either.

8. When I realised I would have to get use to the comments about my eyes....

9. Because even I myself have commented to someone who had pretty blue eyes by saying, " Ah Que Linda Ohos!" ( What pretty Eyes!)

10.When I still find myself saying " Wow you made/cooked/created that yourself??" You mean this is your first time using a Waffle maker!? ( On A side note, my parents bought my Pastor and his wife a Waffle maker because he had mentioned LOVING waffles. Yesterday We made them...and seeing my Pastors sheer delight as he ( all by himself) make the mix, poured the mix into the little crevices and then opened the lid to find fluffy, perfectly golden brown waffles, was just a joy to watch.) Something that He never would of otherwise bought or used.

11. When I still go in the bathroom stalls without grabbing toilet paper...and yes, It still makes me say " What! Their out of paper". Until I remember its quite supplied....but at the front, near the sink.

12. When As Summer is approaching I am being made more aware that their "sun burn" will look a whole better than my sunburn ever will.

13. When every time I have worship practice with the two different ministry teams the Lord has graciously allowed me to be a part of. Yea every time I try learning the songs in Spanish, that is a good....4 hours each week I will be fully aware and reminded. :)

14.When I am asked if I am way older than I am because I have short hair.  Short hair=Old

15. When every church building I see is a beautiful, well maintained, very empty... Catholic church. Definitely not in the Bible Belt here.

16. When I am scared outta my mind, drink spilling all over my shirt from jumping, at what!? Oh just people cheering in the restaurant when their Futbol team has scored. Normal.

17. When I am beginning to get antsy after sitting in the Church service listening to the sermon for over an hour and half...but everyone else seems perfectly content. = Convicted.

18. When I hear "desert" I think Chocolate, they think Fruit. = Healthy

19. When I say I would not put Coca Cola in my babies bottle...and I do not find it as vital as water.

20. When I admit I am not a huge fan of mayonnaise.
A Chilean Hot Dog!

21. When I see a Crosswalk I still find it necessary to "Look both ways".

22. When I am searching the chip isle looking for a chip that isnt a meat flavor.

There are so many wonderful differences that I am finding the longer I am here in the very make up of our cultures. From the foods we eat, to the way our bodies are made ( Rhythm ect) to the values and morals we have as a country. I am so grateful for this time to really experience a culture so very different than my own... and it is my hope  that I can take with me bits and pieces of the differences, that will better me for serving Christ, and those around me.

What a fun ride!

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