Saturday, March 3, 2012

Week one is over...and to be able to properly touch on every detail, story, or fun fact of this past week...I am going to compile a list for ya. :)

  • I discovered that a cup of coffee in the morning is just as much a necessity in South America as it is in North America...and I am grateful the school has a "break room" that is always stocked with a pot of coffee, and yummy American creamer (brought back by teachers from the states!)
  • I enjoy on every evening walk ( around the gated premises of the school, no worries daddy) finding a new fruit tree or bush. So far I've found lemon trees, avacado, and grapes.
  • My sleep schedule is finally consistent and after almost 2 weeks...I've figured out what my new "normal" daily routine will look like...and that is a blessing.
  • Whenever a siren goes off, proceeding it is a chorus of howls from every direction ( because every household owns a dog in Santiago) and whenever it happens, I feel like iv been transported into the scene of  101 Dalmatians when all the dogs in the city are howling in warning to each other of the bad guys coming!
  • My first day of school was full of jitters and uncertainty, What would they be like? Would they speak english? Would they take to me? Would the parents speak English? Would they take to me? All of those questions running through my mind leading up to that moment of being introduced to the parents and of meeting each child one by one was, were by the end of the first day...laid to rest. It was an almost immediate connection to many of the little ones and to the others ( a few of the Korean students) I had already expected them to be more reserved to begin with. The parents were friendly, though only 4 out of 13 sets can speak English, they always smile...kiss me on the side of the cheek, as is the respectful way of greeting in Chile ( and yes, sometimes I still forget to go in for the kiss!) and we both say "Hola". I felt from the first day that I was appreciated by the parents, and many of them asked ( by an interpreter) why i chose to come from America to their country? It was a great opportunity to share with them that I was there because...of my Lord Jesus Christ leading me, and that I was so excited to be serving them at SCA. By Wed 1 of the 3 of my Korean girls, at the beginning of the morning and throughout the day, would run up to me and just hug me. The first time it happened, because of sheer shock, I didn't respond immediately but just stood there, haha! Of course I hugged her when I had regained composure ( literally) and that continued throughout the week. Man how it made my heart sore, to see the Lord so quickly build a connection and a warmth between my little, sweet, all very different, munchkins.
  • The people here appreciate when I try to speak Spanish, and I pray for more confidence in going out on a limb and trying to speak instead of shying away and not speaking at is easy to do. 
  • It gets so cold at night and in the mornings its usually in the 50s&60s but by noon this week it was in the 90s! The no humidity is a blessing though because our school buildings have no air conditioning, but in the shade or in the buildings...its stays around 70 which isn't too bad! But dressing when its cold outside tends to get confusing, and by mid day i've shed a layer!
  • I enjoy Girl's Nights at the Hagerty's  beautiful house with other female missionary ladies. Good food and a good game like Gestures turned into a tradition! Im thankful the Lord used me to get it started. Its needed....quality time with other believers, and woman! I have gained 3 moms as they like to say. haha
  • I cried watching The Help more the second time than the first
  • My co teacher Camila and I are true sisters at heart. Even though we can't speak to each other very well...we started on Friday mornings to meet and work on language. She wants to learn more English, so I praise the Lord for giving me that relationship that is both friend and tutor!
  • I missed my family for the first a true longing and aching in my heart, on Thursday. I want to tell you that the Lord was so kind in those hours to allow me to feel His comforting presence when I needed to. I did open the music box that was given to me and smelled nannies perfume (given to me by my mom). :)
  • I have been so ungrateful for so many things in my life...and there is nothing like sitting in a single lady missionaries home  who has served alone in Chile for 25 years, who has very little in every aspect, but who has so much in light of eternity and of eternal value. As I sat in her living room and heard her tell me she still desired to get married and always had, but she was waiting on the Lord, I get tears in my eyes even as I write that, this the Lord has kept her waiting on one desire of her heart...has worked through an inspiring way. She works with convicted criminals, teaches sunday school to 9 year olds, teaches for free at a christian university, and reaches out to her unsaved neighbors and anyone eles who is around, she has been so gracious in reaching out to even me. She is living a life that will have eternal rewards so vast, and a life that glorifies her Lord..and as i sat listening to her i saw her old curtains and shedding torn walpapered a beautiful picture of Christ. From the outside he was not desirable but who He was on the inside, that was what captured men's hearts and souls. Im looking forward to spending as much time with her as I can. I need to..
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE to ride the Metro here. All the stations are so beautiful...stone, marble, murals made of bright colors and lights cover the walls. I was excited when I purchased my Metro card this week! Now i just need to learn how to get from Point A to Point B without ending up in a different country, on accident!
I thank you all of your continued prayers....I simply cannot believe we are already 2 weeks in!


  1. Your post today has moved me to tears, Candace. Oh, how the Lord has plans for you. Thank you sharing your thoughts along the journey He has for you. :)

  2. Hi Candace! Suzanne W. told me about your blog, and I've enjoyed reading through your entries. It's neat to see how God has ordered your steps and is giving you joy along the way. It sounds like the Chilean people are very welcoming and friendly, and I'll bet that South American coffee is really good too!
    I miss your sweet face (and voice!) in choir, but I guess we'll have to share you with Chile :) Betty Phillips