Saturday, March 17, 2012

I do apologize for being a week late in updating you guys on what the Lord is doing down here, it is not because I have not had substantial things to write about, be it praises, prayer request, thoughts interesting findings, neat experiences, fresh burdens of lessons learned...and still learning- but rather...I haven't had the time. Part of the reason I hadn't the time was because this time last weekend I was without a computer! Yes! I fried my power cord! The first of many struggles that came last week...but I praise the Lord for his faithfulness in even that situation, to provide a fellow missionary who was savy with computers and knew of where to replace my cord!

Another reason I didn't write last weekend was because I ( but of course :)) caught the stomach bug that was creeping around the school...finding its way into unsuspecting victims, and that knocked me out for a good 2 days. But yet again, I must praise my Lord for providing me with loving friends who brought me chicken Rice soup which is very common here, and very tasty! They also got me saltine crackers and Ginger Ale- The Saltine crackers were very different than the ones in the states taste wise, but they fed me well for a couple meals. I am so incredibly thankful to the ones who knew I was sick or had a broken computer and lifted me up in prayer. :) When sitting back and thinking of the fact that I've drank the water since my first day here, been in the classroom now for 1 month, and eaten numerous things my stomach had never been introduced too before, I am amazed that I have only been sick once! Guess all those vitamins are paying off! Gotta love buy one get one free vitamin sales!

I tried my hand at cooking this past week in my little kitchen, and am just now getting to where my heart doesn't start racing and I jump out of my skin when attempting to light my ....gas stove. It isn't just any gas stove though, it is one of the designs where you have to lean into the stove...put the lighter in a hole and hold your hand out just enough so that you don't feel the heat of the flame. haha.... I think my roommate is relieved to know A. I won't ever burn the house down if she isn't around to help me light it because.. B. I can do it myself...and she is C. Thankful I can do it by myself because the first week here I was telling her It would never happen!

 Oh the little things in life that can bring pleasure by the simplicity of its achievement, be it small or big. I think so often we don't allow ourselves to find enjoyment or any sense of pleasure at the achievement of little or big goals, be it finishing a "To-do list", painting a pretty picture, cooking an amazing meal that makes everyone fat and happy, running a farther distance, finding a good sale and using self discipline in walking away from what wasn't on sale, or whatever other good thing that is accomplished. May we thank the Lord for allowing us to reach those big or small achievements, always!
 Oh yea, If you were wondering what I was Chicken Alfredo, spaghetti, and Bar-B-Q Chicken!

I went downtown for a walk the other night and I believe everything from the smell of fresh cut grass in a park, in the middle of an otherwise concrete jungle, is one of the coolest things to me. This park was very much like a Central Park is to NYC. Couples and just family and friends were happily lounging on the grass, picnics taking place with giggling children and barking dogs, Gravel paths surrounded on both sides by lamppost that resembled the old London look, water fountains sprinkling every other sitting area, the sound of lively music drifting through the air, as every outdoor restaurant plays different styles of music...I enjoyed trying to figure out if it was an American song or not. Thus far I've heard  Beach Boys, Elvis, Celine Dion, and country...surprisingly?! Who knew!? Another thing I found in this park, as I have found in others here, was a litter of stray puppies waiting to be held ( so much nicer than going to a Pet Smart and waiting for a supervised, timed visit :)) and of course I sat down right there on the path and held the dirty little cuties. I do believe one of my favorite things to do in this life is go walking, and here in Santiago, I am finding there are so many beautiful different places to enjoy a good walk.
The Museum of "Beautiful Art" -Amazing..
The Building that was built to resemble a cell phone

I am thankful to say that, after 3 weeks of trying to come up with my own lesson plans from the resources I found in my room when I got there, I was thrilled when given 13 Abeka ( Bob Jones) Pre-K workbooks. What was even cuter was when I presented each child with their own book...they got the biggest smiles of their faces, and some even clapped. :) They are doing so well and after trying to figure out what to have them call me, having been told the professional name would be Ms. Davey, but personally favoring Ms. Candace due to it seeming more personal.....WELL they have made up their minds, and have all decided to call me Tia. It means "Aunt"in Spanish and from the end of the first week as they became more comfortable with me, I started hearing their sweet little voices calling me the endearing name, and I simply love it, because of what it stands for. They know me, they are familiar with me, and they consider me family. TO my God be all the glory for what He Has and Will continue to do.
 I must say I am saddened at the thought of in 3 short months many of them will be moving up to Kindergarten. Ah, I pray that I never loose sight of savoring each day I have with each of these little ones.
I can't wait to upload the video of them singing Jesus Loves Me, complete with a little sign language, while ill be singing the verses in English as Camila sings in Spanish.....on its just going to be too sweet! But you will have to wait until Easter for it, because that is when we will be performing it ...for the Easter Production here at the school!:)

One struggle I was having this past month I've been here was finding a church body to become a part of while here. And though the 3 I had visited in a row were all wonderful  Christ honoring bodies, I hadn't felt a connection or a true sense of peace, until last week. There are many reasons why I will always believe my co teacher Camila was a gift from my Lord, and inviting me to her church is just another one of those reasons. It is my church Home, and I knew it from literally the first 5 minutes I was there.

I got together with my chilean friend Carolina this past weekend and it was a wonderful time to get to know her a little bit better . However because we were with a group of other missionaries ( we went to a zoo that was literally made into the side of a mountain...a lot of walking up and down hills but very cool:)) I am looking forward to spending one on one time with her next friday, and praying I can be an encouragement to her. She seems to of gone through a lot in her 28 years...we all have different stories, and I look forward to hearing more of hers.

I went to the baby/toddler orphanage today and am continuing to pray that the Lord opens the door for me to be able to go once ( if not more) a week for a couple hours to just hold and love on the little ones. One of the SCA school directors is going to write a letter of recommendation for the orphanage, as well as a fellow staff member has a friendship with the orphanage because of having adopted from them years ago, so I am seeing the Lord's hand already moving. However, after touring the tiny house sized orphanage and being embraced by a pair of chubby arms and a huge smile reaching out towards me, I am struggling with patience. SO please pray. My heart is heavy tonight, How I charge each of you reading this to join with me and pray for all 23 of the little innocent, beautiful babies at that orphanage and all other orphanages. In our blessed and busy lives, I fear its so easy to forget to do, and I pray the image of those babies lying on a mattress crying to be held never leaves my mind...but be the propeller that stirs me on towards continually lifting them up. The only solace I had walking away from those little ones today was found in reminding myself....He is father to the fatherless, and He knows them all by name already.

Hebrews 11

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Well I believe that is it for the past two weeks, so I will end by saying...this past month could not of gone any smoother transition wise, I have found my church home, I have a foot in the door of an orphanage ministry ( that can be very difficult to get into), I've been able to find some true friends, I can speak a few more words :),I can remember all of my kids -Chilean and Korean- names and now receive more hugs than I can count in a day from each other them, I've felt the presence of the Lord often, and the times I could not...He was still faithful, and I thank your prayers for  all of those things. How undeserving I am of so many Godly saints choosing to lift me up before the throne of our Lord.

Mrs. Nikki - The wife of the ABWE South America Representative. She has been such a blessing to me through helping me get adjusted to little ones she had been teaching before I arrived. I will miss her when she leaves for Furlough. (Spelling??)

We serve an active God...who is working all over the people's hearts of every color, ethnicity, language and social status.
There are millions of orphans who need a mommy and daddy....and to learn that they are loved by a King- Pray for them daily
Take time to appreciate and find pleasure in the little accomplishments you achieve throughout the day- be it big or small!
And lastly, If you ever have money for a vacation and don't know where to go, Chile is awesome. :)
Susan, A fellow missionary teacher...and already a good friend.

Camila, my teacher aid...personal Spanish tutor...and sister in Christ.

"It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man".- Psalm 118:8
"Never will I leave You"-Hebrews 13:5
"I have learned to content whatever the circumstances"- Philippians 4:11


  1. You inspire me so much. If I can be of any help, please let me know. I'm not sure if you need resources but I do have some. The orphange is in my prayer. Oh how I wish that I could take them in my arms. Again, let me know if there is anything that I can do.

  2. Truly inspiring post, Candace. What wonderful journal entries you can look back in months to come to how you have growth in your walk in Christ.