Tuesday, May 7, 2013

From summer over there to sweaters and smores over here, life is so very different. Happy Summer break you guys! Enjoy the long days and warm weather for me, as I whip out the wall hearter, my  electric quilt, coats and wool leggings. Yea, its bondfire's and snow covered mountains over here in May! It still seems a little strange, but then again the thought of being at a beach seems even more strange. I will admit I am a little confused in these climate/season changes!

Speaking of differences, this semester has been such a whirlwind or differences, from changing my curiculum in the classroom around a little bit, to trying to give equal amounts of attention to now 10 little people instead of 9- I got a new student 2 weeks ago. The 8 hours from the first bell to the last are always filled with non stop, " Oh that's such a pretty picture" " Yes sweetie you can go to the bathroom" " No hunny aliens are not real and you need to wash your hands" to the  "Im so sorry...tell me whats wrong's" " You need to share" "I will be right there" "Miss Candace Miss Candace Miss Candace Miss Candace Look!" As well as trying to have answers to the endless amount of questions their little minds come up with. Giving equal amounts of love and attention is a balancing act for sure, and this semester I feel has been the most challenging because simply put, these children all have such energetic, affectionate, strong-willed personalities. Of the 10 students I would say only 2 would be considered quiet personalities, but even they need me to notice their improving handwriting or handmade Jewlrey made from construction paper. I realize the brevity of my responsibility in nurturing these little minds to use their, imaginations, creativity, to feel special and capable, and to most importantly, show these children Christ.

Though its been challenging with such strongwilled/leader personalities, it has been a blessing and such a special class. There are always moments in my day that make me whisper prayers of thankfulness to the Lord for His hand of guidance in bringing me here. One of those moments comes daily now due to my boy's discovering the little white weed/flowers outside make their teacher smile. Daily now I anticipate a fresh batch from all 5 of my boys after recess time and right before nap. And these are the same boys who wouldn't barely come near me, gave mom a hard time on the way to school in the mornings because they didn't want to come and who visited the time-out chair...often. Yes, It touches my heart when their 5 happy smiles come through the door and right up to me, stretch out their little hands ( and wait for me to act like I have no idea whats inside), and then give me crumpled up, smashed and a tad bit pitiful looking flowers...that still end up in a vase, everytime! Its little moments like that...

Over the past 6 weeks we have learned about Planets, the Animal Kingdom, plants, climates and a fun one we just did was, Jobs. And we made it more specific to "What do our parents do". At the end of that week we invited the parents to come in and talk about what they do or have some sort of presentation for the children. One mom came in who is a hair stylest and fixed all the little munchkins hair. Well all with the exception of my Aaron- he would not allow her to touch his hair..no way, no how!! However the next morning upon walking into class with a gaping hole where hair used to be we realized he was taking it allllllll in, and had even felt a little inspired.. Oops...
We had another parent come in who is a Asian chef and she made sushi for all of the students, and let me tell you, whatever my students didn't want ( I am pretty sure it was some of my students first time to even lay eyes on sushi, and for some it will be their last)...their teacher ate! Oh, and I learned how to make it! :) Learning to make sushi by an Asian chef...in Chile. Who knew?!

My assistant and I both also got our hair cut too!

The week we learned about the animal kingdom we got to go on a field trip to an awesome zoo right outside the city and that was a real treat. The favorite animals were the hippo's and the lions. A classic " Write that one down" comment came from one of my little boys as we were walking into the section of the zoo titled "Africa". As you may assume, each section was a different continent, and... well to a literal minded 5 year old...these different signs could be confusing. Are we really in Australia now or is this still Chile?!?  As we were walking over the bridge from Asia to Africa I hear a voice filled with excitement say, " Oh WOW Miss Candace!!! I've wanted to go for my whole life to Africa! I am so excited we are here!" I almost wanted to let him believe we really were there, like I wanted to let them think the giant stuffed elephant was real ( because the real ones at this zoo were hiding somewhere and weren't to be found?!?!) Well anyways, that was one of those moments of mental conflict of, do I let him think something is real that is not, or do I burst his bubble and tell him the truth. I do not enjoy those moments!!
At the Zoo we ran into some trouble...long story short, their cuteness got them out of their arrest.

I am constantly amazed at how much our adult conversation make it into a 5 year olds mind, and comes out...interpreted sometimes vastly different, and sometimes pretty on point. One of those "interpretations" came out in discussion round the coloring table. The topic of conversation was forgiveness. One of my boys piped up and said very matter-of-factly," Well Miss Candace my brother makes my brain come out of my mind."
Have any idea what saying he was going for?! " You are making me lose my mind." I almost died it was just too adorable.

I was asked to sing at a Bible Study coming up this Friday and will be singing Shout to the Lord...in Spanish! Yikes, though I am speaking much more these days, it is still a bit unnerving for me. However, I know that it is a priviledge to have the opportunity to minister through music, to a group of people in their own language, and it always gives me a new perspective on what the worship in Heaven with all the different peoples from all the different lands lifting up their voices in praise to our Lord, is really going to sound like.

The Lord continues to show Himself faithful to me here in Chile, and I appreciate so much your support and prayers for me over this last 6 weeks.  He is faithful, and His love for us never fails and nor is based on anything we do.

I also want to shout out to my beautiful, caring, thoughtful, compassionate, wise mother as mothers day approaches! I am so thankful the Lord gave her to me. She is a gem!

Ok, until next time!  :)
This was taken at my very first Chilean Wedding! There were some "differences" that after I went and penned down. :)

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