Monday, March 18, 2013

Through their Eyes: God's protection was the theme in art. One of my little girls Matilda colored a picture of a man sitting at a desk with little stick figure people with wings drawn over the man's head. She said " The Lord protects me by protecting my dad with angels while he is at work." Wow. She is 4.

Gods Provision: Was what was on one of my little boys minds as he colored a boy inside a house, and told me" Lord will help me and my family find a house. " Knowing already their need for a house for many months now I already knew it was on the minds and prayers of his parents and us teachers, as of today I know, its on his little heart as well. But he, he is trusting that the Lord will protect his family until they find one and provide them with one!

What is Creativity: It is seen when observing a 5 year old's artwork, the stories they create while playing in toy center, the way they all can have the same template but have 9 different interpretations,outcomes and designs ( 9 different  ladybug puppets all using the same 3 colors and amount of spots was pretty impressive). Their creativity was on display again in what they chose to bring for their one toy on Show-n-Share Fridays! The theme for this past week was Insects and Mammals and one of my youngest ( just turned four the end of Jan) brought in a horse with paper wings and a black and yellow striped paper taped around his belly. Under the horses stomach was taped a piece of paper that was colored yellow. As she approached the front of the class to show her show-n-share, I was thinking she was completely condused and I had completely failed, until she proudly proclaimed that she had brought in a "Insect Mammal" ...that came complete with a honey sack ( the little yellow paper hanging from the horses belly, duh Ms. Candace!) She then went on to say it was "Make-believe" and her older sister had helped her design the original, Horse/Bee. I felt a little better about my teaching abilities :) haha Then there was Gabriel who came to class with a list of about 8 memorised facts about Spiders to share along with hand made spiders for each student.
Another little girl brought in pictures of herself as a baby and began by saying " This me, and I am a mammal."
It was also cute to hear them going around the school saying things like, "A dog is a mammal because its babies aren't born in eggs." " Insects live in flowers and trees." " We live inside other mammals live outside."  :)

I've decided that teaching about Insects, Mammals, and this week Birds and Reptiles, is so far, the most enjoyable theme's I have taught thus far! God's creation is encredible as is, but to see it appreciated in the eyes of young ones, just re-reminds me how amazing it truly is that, a flamingo turns pink by eating shrimp, An ostrach is a bird that can't fly, the daddy Penguin gaurds the baby for ....months, the mamma Girraff kicks her baby once its born to make sure it can stand in case it needs to run away and protect itself, the female cardinals are brown and birds only have 1 (cough cough) husband and wife for life, butterflies truly do begin as an awkward chubby little catapiller, all animals have something to proect themselves with, ant villages have leaders, and on and on. The way their eyes light up with these facts makes me think. I "know" and have known these facts, but when I see a picture of a pink flamingo, or a butterfly, do I appreciate it like my 4/5 year olds do? Do I think the creator of these creatures is as awesome as I heard my students proclaim? I am understanding more and more why scripture refers to how we need to be as little children, and mentions it more than once.
Whether its trusting the Lord to provide something material as Gabriel was or praying as Matilda was for protection over my own daddy while he is in his waging spiritual battle at work. Oh, just to have a fraction of some of the awe and trust that my students have shown me this past 2 weeks as we have dove into the Animal Kingdom!
I am so excited to top it all off in a couple of weeks with taking them to a HUGE zoo!

Just some inspiring moments through their eyes that I thank to Insects being so complex, and their little interpretations of God's creation being so correct.

My little ladybugs, Gaeun, Gabriel, Ming-Zhi, Susan, Adelaide, Aaron, Matilda, Berkant, Amaro
Holding their LadyBug puppets!


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