Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Guess who came to CHILE?!?!?! MOM AND DAD!!! Man, what a blessin it was to be able to spend a couple days with them in the city that I have called home for the last 7 months.

How I admire him more after being on the field for this time, and just soaked up every single minute with him. I will always ...always ...thank the Lord for the daddy He chose to give me.

I was glad my parents got to meet one of the kindest faces at SCA every day. He is one of our security guards and He always gives me a big hug to start my morning, tells me how happy he is I came to Chile, and asks me to never leave. He is a daily answer to many people's prayers in offering unconditional support and encouragement!

Surprise TIA CANDACE!!!! My old Pre-k class who are now Kindergarteners with their teachers ( my close friends Sonya and Priscila) and my current class with my assistant Liz threw me a surprise party when I came by on Friday to show my parents the classroom!! :)

I never imagined the Lord would bless me with the 2 friends here who I know without a doubt will remain friends throughout time.

One of my Kindergarten girls who daily comes to my room to give me a hug, a hand picked flower, or to tell me how bad ( or good) the other kids are being for Ms. Sonya!

They made me the sweetest card that they were very proud of!

I along with a Missionary couple who are like grandparents to me here in Chile took my parents up to a very beautiful and popular overlook of the city. The drive up was a new experience for me also that I really enjoyed, I wasn't quit as sweaty as when I have hiked up it in the past!

My parents were SUCH GOOD SPORTS. THey really did amaze me with their desire to try whatever I put in front of they faces. In this case, it is a drink that is very popular here, made with Sugar, Water, A dried Peach, and Barley. My dad really liked the barley at the bottom just like me! THe dried peach however we gave to Mr. Cross who was clawing for it from the beginning!

SO it is September which in Chile is their month of celebrating Independence much like our month of July....only must more celebrated. They litterely started putting out flags on porches, street lights, street signs, car windows, the first day of Septemeber...and the celebrating will continue the ENTIRE month. Talk about patriotism. This lady was earning some extra cash by dressing as both male and female as performing both parts...of the Cueca dance. The native chilean patriotic dance! It was genius!! You better believe she got a tip from our van!!

My pastor and His wife. They have become like my second family here in Chile. As Pastor told me soon after joining their congregation " I am your father here in Chile, it is my job to protect you and be here for you." And he and his wife have kept their word to me. He started the church around 7 years ago and they have a wonderful, thriving, very faithful church body. I just love them all so much.

Two of my dear friends who also sing in the group of a couple young people in the church with me!

I was excited for my parents to attend the Evangalistic outreach that took place the second evening they were in town. I knew they were in for a real treat....and praise the Lord over 17 people accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior!!!

The sign Language Ministry performed a song and they always do such a beautiful song. I knew my mom would appreciate it as she has a heart for signing.

How special it was to look out in the crowd to my parents smiling proud faces, it definitely gave me the courage that I needed to step on the stage knowing I would be singing 2 songs in complete Spanish! A memory I will never forget, singing amongst brothers and sisters in Christ, in a foreign language, looking out at my parents faces. God is good...is what was on my mind the entire evening.

So one thing they were not ready for , yet handled so well...was the wild animals ...everywhere. This however was the Church cat...who faithful attends each service, and we are convinced she is Baptist. Who knew my cat hating father would be the person the cat chose to cozy up to! :)

The beautiful decorations my mother used an ENTIRE suitcase to pack and bring...for the sole purpose of making me feel like i was right back at home, as a decorated table was always something i woke up to growing up. I know, I am truly blessed with my parents, I don't take it for granted!

The Hagerty's opened up their home which has always become my home to my parents. A highlight for me was having both sets of parents in the same home..laughing, sharing stories, eating Coca Cola chocolate cake, and just being encouraged together!

Dad preparing for the 2 services at 2 different church's that He would be preaching! Bless his heart..I booked him! And if I hadn't said No to a few other church's...he would of preached more than twice!!

My dear friends came over one night with their mother for a birthday party..and true friends will leave  we had a blast. I was glad my parents got to meet them! Cody ( on the left) bought me a beautiful wooden plaque that says " Many people will go in and out of your life. But only true friends will leave footprints in your heart."

Heres the group! My parents got to witness us all together! One big family.

THis day was my favorite. Starting with my father and mother getting to come to my home away from home, Iglesia Bautista Misionera.

Prepping backstage the pastor said with a smile on his face to my father " The desk might look different than yours...but on it sits the same Bible...and that is what is important."

The amazing, interpretur! Haha this picture just says it all! My dad preached a convicting message on our Rights. How Jesus gave gave up His rights...and we should do.

They got to meet my little shadow Sunday mornings. I pray for her salvation as she grows...and I am happy to know my parents now have a face when they to pray for her.

So my mother overheard Pastor talking about loving Waffles....and had the great idea to buy him a waffle maker,!! Their faces say it all. :) They deserve far more than a waffle maker...but for starters...I think my  mom had a great idea!

Pastor and Tia Naldy bought me a Chile Apron and as I put it on Pastor said " This is NOT a subliminal message!" haha... hmmmmm what do yall think?! :)

An Apron from Chile was actually one of the things on my list I wanted to get, so I am thrilled...whether I actually cook or not!

The beautiful, delicious meal the Pastor's wife cooked for my birthday lunch....I was so happy my parents were eating an authentic Chilean meal!!

Two of the Godliest men I know! My father and my spiritual father!

The Birthday Bunch!

So it is tradition in Chile for the person to take the first BITE out of the birthday cake, and it is not uncommon for their head to be smashed IN the cake. Thankfully they only stuck to half of the tradition with that one :) It was a beautiful cake.

I requested a time of worship since that is what I normally do when I am with my church family...never knowing it would turn into almost 3 hours of worship sitting round the table, under a clear blue sky, surronded by friends and family.

And I got to hear daddy play the keyboard!! Which he got some good practice in also....with not having the foot pedal! I got him to sing the song He wrote to mom before they were married...because I KNEW they would that one...and they did! :)

It was simply a wonderful time.

If you had of asked me on my 24th birthday where I thought I would be in a year...I couldn't of even thought up the adventures filled with friendships, lessons, and ministry that God would have for me. Looking back on this past year I can only say...To God be all the Glory, for great things HE and HE alone has done for me, and in my life.
"If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare composed poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, Here lived a great street sweeper, who did his job well." Martin Luther King

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  1. Candace!!! I absolutely love reading your blog and specially this last post! I enjoyed looking at the pictures! I'm so happy for you and that you had the blessing to be with your parents on your 25 birthday in Chile :) and with the church and friends, and that your parents could see your ministry in Santiago. Thank you for your love and care for my family. You are a true blessing.