Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hi my name is Iago and I need to be washed!

Highlights of this past week!

1. The reminder through the Easter Holiday that I serve a God who conquered sin and death and is alive and working all things together for His glory. And what a sweet day it was as I celebrated that Promise alongside 100 other Chilean believers huddled inside a one room shack. They had taken out a window which allowed for a nice size hole to provide the people in the room next door access to the service. A sign language group performed Sandy Patties "Via del arosa" and it was just as powerful in Spanish. The pastor had the most cheerful disposition and you couldn't help but be drawn into what he was saying, by just his attitude and constant smile. After the service some young people approached myself and my friends and immediately invited us to a youth activity that next weekend. Perhaps its because we are different-gringo's as they call us, but I do believe the body here reaches out to everyone in such a kind genuine way. I've observed it in most the church's I have visited.

2. A good example of their genuine kindness towards their own are Two of my neighbors. I convinced them to come to church with me on Sunday knowing that they are curious about Christianity and unsaved. They loved it. My favorite part of the service was when we started singing an Old Hymn about meeting the Lord in the sky and one of the boys turned to me with a smile and said " I like this song a lot, its very happy". They will be returning on Saturday for the youth event that they to were invited...persuaded too attend...:)

3. The Easter Production for the School was.......adorable at parts, powerful at others, and left us teachers feeling very proud. My little ones sang Jesus Loves me and UNFORTUNATELY I'm not able to upload it on this blog, but it is on my facebook. Lets just say...bribing them with the candy bag beside me on the pew...did wonders! :) There was little Bi with his hand in a cast twirling in circles on the other side of the stage where he had wandered off too, and Esther who was singing at the top of her lungs on some note i'd never heard before, and tomas waving his Smiley face confidently during the entire song. I must of had tunnel vision because Non of those things had I noticed until I watched the recording, and I must say, if you ever have a rough day...listen to or watch a 5 year old sing. Their enthusiasm and funny, individual quirks are priceless.

4. One of my parents asked me to attend church and lunch with them and their thoughtfulness meant a lot to me!

Where we will be going!! And that is not a mountain....the mist that looks like smoke, is smoke. :)
4. I was asked by the Senior class to be 1 of 3 Chaperone's on their Senior trip!! I was honored and have thus gotten busy looking at prices, various activities,and I've decided that I am slowly turning into my mom with all the list's and the organization mode that I've snapped into. :)

5. I learned how to make a Pecan Pie. Which is all time favorite pie ever!! Well actually, it ended up being a Walnut pie because we couldn't find Pecans, but it was still not too bad! Yay, successes in the kitchen are always happy moments for me....

6. I went to an amazing Pizza restaurant with the cutest elderly couple and enjoyed their company thoroughly. For those of you who know me, you know its been a matter of time until I found me some elderly folks to make my friends! :) They are in their 80's and been married for 60 years...and speak fluent English. Their love for each other truly was amazing to witness, as throughout the evening he would touch her hand or shoulder and say " she is my love" or " the love of my life" for no reason other than to just love on her openly. How inspiring it was for me to see. Please pray with me for their salvation. Their names or Arther and Jenny. We talked about the gospel off and on, but I can tell he will be a tough cookie as he's been " catholic" for his "whole life". I had a good opportunity to share with them my faith as they were driving me home and the further we got from " the rich" part of town into the "other side" they began making comments like, " You shouldn't live here! Why would you a young American girl live over here, it is not safe?" My response was " Well, I came here because the Lord told me to. I don't have any fear living over here because I know He protects me." They sat there for a couple minutes without saying anything until Jenny spoke up again and repeated how she didn't know why i would live " over here" to which Arther spoke up and said " Jenny, she's a missionary, she'll be Ok." I took that as a good thing. :) Ill keep you posted!

7. Family dinner every night with the Hagerty's. I'm so thankful the Lord opened up  door for me to live with them because it truly is like going "home" after every day at work. Living on the Campus was nice because it was obviously close, but I am enjoying leaving the "Bubble" of westerners and living among the people so much more. Tonight was a perfect example for as I was washing my car 4 girls came over and ended up helping me wash my car while trying to interpret my horrible Spanish, and will be returning tonight to go for a walk!!

8. The whether has turned cool as we are entering Fall here, and I love it. The trees even change colors here! Call me ignorant...but I am continually surprised by things here in Chile. Who knew they had all 4 seasons?! Good thing I brought my scarf's and boots because it gets cold!

9. I found out Seth's band is opening for a Switchfoot concert and that made me very excited and proud of him. I am waiting for him to send me a cd and shirt so I can make him big here in South America! :)

10. I'm so thankful my daddy's surgery went well, and hate that I haven't been home with him and helping my mom . It touches my heart to hear of all the people who brought them food, and who even ministered to him during his surgery. The way he has handled this fall just like the others continues to amaze me. He is truly as my mom said  a "giant" of a man. I also have a wonderful example of a good wife in the way I've seen my mom nurture and selflessly care for daddy during this time..

11. Tried my first Pickled egg....and I must admit I'm not sure I'd ever be able to get past the bright purple color to enjoy them. Totally a mind over matter thing, and I couldn't get my Mind to get around it long enough to enjoy its taste. I continue to be very intrigued by them however.

12. We watched a Comedian the other night that was amazing- And I love finding good CLEAN ones who also make you laugh till theres tears! His name is Greg Hahn. Good way to end a long day at school!

13. I love the bouquet of flowers I have at the end of every day, hand picked by a couple cuties. Tomas, David, Juan Jose, DaMin, Esther and Bi. The ones that go in my hair are always checked for bugs before hand as of recently..... :)

14. I loved my Snooze button this week.

15. I GOT A CAR!!! Well the story is, a missionary is home on Furlough and left her car for whoever needed one. Long story short...It was offered to myself and my good friend Susan ( who im always with anyways!) Thus we are both using it whenever we have to go somewhere and don't feel like walking or taking the metro! One of the coolest blessings of the Lord so far! Oh and driving in South America is waaaaaayyyyyy  scary, always alert and hand near the horn! I have named "him" " Iago" :)

16. Thank you guys for being interested in my life here in Chile, this past week a new relationship was built with four non believers, my little ones memorised a song I pray always remains in their hearts, celebrated Christ's resurrection in a shack full of fellow brothers and sisters, and baked a pretty good Home-made Pie! :)

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