Monday, November 19, 2012

What is my Fruit?

I know there are tons of verses that talk about being a light, being different, I sing every morning This little light of mine with my students, but have I truly been aware of the fact that, those verses are true. The Lord knows what He was talking about, like maybe...the world  really does watch, and by watch, they observe everything.
What Is  the fruit I am bearing, is it of the world, or fruit of my Father. What attributes would the world observe in me on a daily basis?
I was faced head on with that question  sitting at a dinner table, around 9 o clock pm, with my three neighbors and some of their friends ( and a couple parents). The sun was completely gone, replaced by a comfortable breeze and  only the sound of the rushing pool water beside us could be heard. I distinctly remember it being such a peaceful, quiet night, almost as if the Lord had quieted everything around us, so no distractions would be had from the words that were being said.
The conversation had been light, table banter as we enjoyed eating Once ( their dinner meal) and birthday cake for Coti. Im not sure what led the conversation in the direction of religion and ultimately to me, but at one point, all heads were turned in my direction and the asking began. The first one came from one of the mothers, and was one I get asked often when I am around Chilean company, "Why did you leave everything you had in the states to come teach here? And you dont even get paid!?" I put my cake fork down, said a silent pray for insight into words to use, sat up and began to answer.

As I was answering their initial question,, I made a point to look in each of their eyes. What I saw was the reminder that these sweet people need the Lord, but think they already know the Lord ( Catholicism). Well, after my friend had translated my response and I had taken a breath, more questions immediately followed. Questions like, "What is different about Christianity from Catholicism, we both believe in Jesus, and the cross?", "Why are you single?" And the last questions came from the girl who I had only met on one other occasion, and she simply asked, "Why am I so happy?!"  
Overwhelmed a little, yes, I was. I was extremely humbled at their observations...more so because I see the rotten fruit that is hidden behind carefully placed leaves, but also because I have felt nervous communicating and speaking about Gods word in the context of differences of Religions with a Catholic,  and could think of about 10 other people who would of done a more adequate job of it, but the Lord chose me to. Easily tongue tied, me. With yucky hidden fruit and all.

45 minutes later, was when I remembered sitting back, praying for the Holy Spirit to step in as my words were finished, and that was when, I will never forget one of the parents saying " Well I still believe we are all the same, I may not go to church, or change my life for God, but we are the same." It was one of my neighbors response that is embedded into my memory forever, " No, there is something different about the Christians we have met, the people at her church, we have been watching, and we are trying to figure out what makes them so different, because we haven't met people like them before. We are trying to figure out why the Hagertys and Candace just appeared in our lives one day, it just seems like it was destiny or for a reason." 

Some background history on who these friends are. 
For my blog followers, these are the 3 brothers who live with their mother, who have attended my bible study at church, It was the youngest brother who got hit by a car months back, and it was around that time they started asking a lot of questions, and visiting our church.

However, recently, they have stopped attending church and wanting to meet for question and bible reading time with Mr. Hagerty. And well...we were getting discouraged. We were spending just as much time together, watching movies, playing games, eating meals daily with the 3 brothers, but they had stopped asking questions. But they had not stopped watching.

That was all playing through my head when I heard them say that they "Have been watching us". Its like, they literally are taking in everything we do, every action, every word, and every attitude, and if there is anything on our parts ( apart from the Holy spirits probing) that will draw them to the Lord, it will be ...our Fruit.

So what will they find when they see me? What fruit will they find? Nothing like having people unashamedly admit that they are....watching you to see if your Faith in Christ is worth it. Lets just say, the verses have really been put into perspective for me in a new, more close to home, way. And I am thankful for that.

"Make a tree good and its fruit will be good, or make a tree bad and its fruit will be bad, for a tree is recognised by its fruit. Matthew 12:33

John 15:8 This is to my Father's glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.

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