Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nothing like red eye flights! But we have arrived!!! I only slept for the 12 hour flight...i believe 2 hours! I was too excited!
My first walk on chillean ground! Andes in the background....always!

3 suitcases and 1 carry on....the Lord blessed me with a kind ticket agent who gave me a free suitcase and only charge overage fee's for one of my bag! ( they all were over 50 :()
The customes line was sooo long!!! We both got our 3 month Visa! I will be getting a year long work visa down the road :)

He kept me calm through all the hectic things we had to find, and do. I'm so thankful he was there alongside me!

Beautiful church....

There are trees that look like Pineapples everywhere! Am I in California or Chile?! But for the language reminder...I would forget

Cool architecture

With daddy Downtown...behind us near the flag is the Presidents building!

It was such an amazing experience to pray in this room with believers who have been listening to my father preach for years...and to see their faces as they talked about what the Lord had been doing through the Wisdom for the Heart ministry there in Chile. --Never will forget being able to be there.

In the subway...which is one of the nicest, prettiest subways i've ever been in.

We are going to Los Dominicos, which is a historical attraction that used to be a Monastery that is nestled right in front of the Andes...and looks like it was used as the set for the Mask of Zoro. It has dirt paths throughout it, but open air areas that have sitting areas surrounded by cactus and palm trees...little bridges over a running stream that went throughout the whole premiss. Random plant trees that i'd never seen before, bright red flowers, and bamboo stalk covered walls. Oh, and we bought something for my mom in a store inside the Monastery that Hillary Clinton has shopped..which was interesting. I loved being able to experience it with my new friends and my daddy. And because of its History, I could tell he and Wayne equally loved it.

Los Dominicos!

On the subway!

They took us to a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally nice restaurant for 8:30 pm. Because thats when Chileans begin their dinner meal. Ill have to get used to their eating schedule! They are big on potatoes, meat and salad, so at every restaurant they give french fries as a side! haha Even Pizza hut gives a side of french fries with every pizza!

Hand made clay pots!

Chile peppers!!!

Hand made guitars

Inside the restaurant where they took us for dinner last night! There was a wedding going on at the Monastery and at the restaurant! Love was in the well as that gives you an idea of how beautiful both places were :)

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