Tuesday, January 24, 2012

So, the countdown is now officially on, well I feel as though its official since I have 7 days of work left and less than 4 weeks till departure to go! To say that I am in awe and amazed at how the Lord has moved in my life this past year, and more specifically this past 5 months would truly be an understatement. The simple fact that I have learned how to create a blog is a BIG deal...let alone having the desire to have one ...and willingly.....write! I reckon my heart tells me that this next year will be something worth writing about, well, and something I'll want to look back and have memories written down that I think i'd remember, but with my brains track record, I prolly won't.

Oh deary, I just realised through re-reading this, I'm wishing there was a ABC spell check on this here blogsite!

If you want to come along with me as I spend the next year in a place that up until 4 months ago, I had never even heard of much less given thought to boarding a plane and calling it my home, then by all means I'm honored you would take to time to read what God will be doing, and asking you to pray for me in response! I will do my best to fill you in every step of the way on what day to day life brings about in the other America.

As for where I will be going....I am so excited to tell you that it is a place I had never thought about going when I first began praying about Missions, but once the ministry opportunity came about...I fell in love with so many little things about it. Santiago, Chile. It is the Capitol city, nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountains, giving you truly the best of both worlds.The people are very family centred and a traditional people. So much so that Divorce was illegal until a couple years ago, and Abortion is STILL illegal. Looks like we could learn a few things from them, sadly. And what I was most encouraged to learn was how the protestant movement is growing more and more, so much so that a secular library book I checked out how an entire chapter on Chilean Religion, and a whole page was dedicated to talking about how the Christian's or evangelicals are more consistent church goers and more passionate than the majority of the Catholic population. WHOWHO!! Thats its!!

I will be teaching sweet little 5 year olds at Santiago Christian Academy and already have so many ideas for the classroom I can hardly stand it!

As the countdown continues My "To do list" seems to grow longer and more complex as the time draws closer, which I'm not sure why that always seems to be the case! :)
But of course on the list is already planning a few ways to make my new "home" feel a little like " home, so if you know anything about me, you won't be surprised to know I am in the process of printing out way to many pictures to cover my walls, as well as my sweet mother just had made for me a comforter that is allllllll a collage of pictures--shes amazing, and I cried when I saw the sweet pictures she chose for me. Each representing a time, a place, a friendship, something special to my me in my life.

 A few other things on my "to do list" is....trying to tackle a few good phrases and basic Portuguese terms as well as figuring out how to pack for 11 months, including all the seasons, with 3 suitcases. I Have to say one thing on my list I am looking forward to doing is cancelling my phone account with Verizon! And I do believe when i return to the states, I will not be going back!

So here we go, first blog down.

Thanks for reading it!! And I am sorry for all the Typo's, It's still a wonder how I passed all my College English courses!

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  1. I am looking forward to being able to join you in Santiago via this blog. Thank you for your willingness to let us "tag along." Praying for you as you prepare.